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There is no need for the grid with TSRG Energy-0 concept, which is designed to meet all your consumption with the power generated from renewable energy sources. We re-design the energy use of all kinds of residential, commercial, irrigation and industrial facilities to create systems which can meet their own energy demand around the clock.

We transform your business and lifestyle to TSRG Energy-0 by minimizing your energy costs with the latest technology smart systems and applications which will combine and control the heating, cooling, conserving, security, electricity and other needs of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

We design and build environmentally friendly and sustainable smart residences to the desired location from the highest peaks to the bays far away from the grid without the need for electricity distribution grid. We remove the boundaries of traditional housing architecture and bring a new dimension in the areas of environmental protection and sustainability.

TSRG Energy revolutionizes to your living spaces with the smart residence design of the future homes with fully automatic living systems which can also provide its own energy demand with the TSRG Energy-0 concept.

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TSRG Energy designs energy solutions that will use the renewable energy potential in the most efficient and sustainable way by identifying the most suitable sources for your residences, offices, and factories.

We perform the turn-key installation of energy storage power plants that will allow you to take advantage of the cheapest energy price in the electricity market and store the energy produced, which will eliminate your electricity costs.

We design and provide turnkey installation solutions to meet your own energy consumption with the TSRG Hybrid solutions at the lowest possible price from renewable energy sources of wind, solar and water and by using production wastes.

You can use the electricity generated by your renewable energy plant around the clock with our advanced and reliable energy storage solutions.

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TSRG Energy helps you meet your energy need by using hydraulic and/or solar energy potential for your irrigation cooperatives. We eliminate your irrigation energy costs with solar-powered pumps. We provide turnkey installation of the most efficient and sustainable energy solutions for your irrigation facilities and cooperatives.

We develop innovative solutions to utilize and benefit from the idle hydraulic energy potential on transmission lines, rivers, and streams.

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TSRG Energy provides solutions to meet the energy demand of the residential, commercial and industrial facilities from wind energy. We develop and install turnkey solutions that will meet your energy need around the clock by hybrid energy plants with other available renewable energy sources.

We undertake all the design, engineering and installation works of power plants based on wind energy that will cover all the energy you require for agricultural irrigation and lighting purposes.

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TSRG Energy offers solutions to meet the energy needs for, illumination and irrigation of your residential, commercial facilities. We develop, design and build turn-key solar power plants which do not only contribute to the environmental friendliness and sustainability performance of your business at the highest level but also minimize the costs of electricity you consume.

We design and install turnkey on-grid and off-grid solar power plants on the roof of your residence, offices, industrial structures and on the available lands you possess. We undertake all engineering, procurement and construction works of solar power plants designed to meet residential, commercial, illumination, irrigation and industrial consumption.

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TSRG Energy performs the turnkey installation of energy generation plants using the animal and vegetable wastes as resources and undertake long-term operation and maintenance works.

We carry out the turnkey installation of biomass power plants based on energy forestry products, energy agriculture products, agricultural product wastes, and domestic wastes.


TSRG Energy offers energy storage solutions for storing the energy generated from renewable energy power plants or from the grid to cover the energy demand without interruption. We carry out the turn-key installation of energy storage systems to allow you to benefit from differing electricity prices within the day and to store the cheapest energy available in the electricity market for own consumption as well as selling back to the market during peak demand at the highest price. We also undertake the long-term operation and maintenance works of the energy storage systems.

We provide energy efficient solutions that minimize your operational costs by storing your production-generated waste heat or excess electricity generated by renewable energy plants.


By analyzing the production processes in your industrial plant thoroughly, TSRG Energy offers solutions that minimize the energy you consume for production and operation. We perform the turnkey installation of the power generating plants by using wastes generated during the production, waste heat and wastewater.

We provide engineering consultancy to help you achieve the most efficient production methods for your facility with optimized energy use and distribution.

We reduce your heating and cooling costs to the minimum level by using renewable energy sources in your home, offices, business or in your factory. We perform turn-key design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of these applications and energy solutions.

We perform all energy systems installations and energy efficiency studies necessary for your business to comply with ISO-50001 Energy Management Systems and ISO-14001 Environmental Management Systems standards. We offer the most suitable energy solutions for your requirements such as reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions at your production plant, sustaining legal targets and eliminating fossil fuel dependence.

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