TSRG Energy evaluate the investments you intend to make on renewable energy projects in every possible aspect including but not limited to legal obligations, installation processes, engineering, and feasibility studies and prepare investment valuation and due diligence reports for you.

TSRG Energy monitors and controls all stages of the project starting from the development phase to the operation phase, representing you in the field with its expert staff. We ensure that your power plant is constructed and commissioned in accordance with the related regulations, contracts and technical specifications.

TSRG Energy analyzes the project and construction processes, generation and maintenance records of the power plant for investments in renewable energy generation plants that are already in production, and analyze the production planning and potential earnings over the entire life of the power plant you plan to invest in. TSRG provides an Investment Valuation Report for you as the outcome of such comprehensive studies.

As a result of our analyses of the energy projects under development or construction phase, we guide you to find the most profitable investment opportunities.


TSRG Energy follow all permits and legal processes of your renewable power generation plant projects according to the relevant legislation and perform all necessary operations. We provide all kinds of technical support that you will need in permit processes and prepare the necessary technical reports, drawings, and documents for your energy projects.


TSRG Energy provide the most appropriate energy generation method and efficiency solutions for your cooperatives when it comes to energy generation and consumption.

TSRG Energy offers renewable energy solutions that will minimize your energy costs and maximize the energy efficiency by reducing your energy consumptions for residential, commercial and industrial establishments.

We provide turnkey renewable energy power plants starting from the project development stage to operation stage, primarily based on water, wind and solar resources.

TSRG Energy supplies all spare parts required for your power plants in your cooperative in addition to the option to undertake all the operation and maintenance works to ensure continuous, safe and reliable operation of your power plants.


TSRG Energy perform the turnkey installation of renewable energy power plants on your roof or on your allocable lands. TSRG Energy offers turnkey solutions that will eliminate energy costs for residential, commercial and industrial consumption.

Through analyzing the needs of your building, your workplace and your factory carefully, we design and install turnkey renewable energy-based power generation systems that will eliminate your electricity, heating and cooling expenses.

With the tailor-made projects we develop and design, we offer energy solutions that will make the highest contribution to the environmental friendliness and sustainability factors of your business. This will increase your competitiveness in the market by reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint in a very short period.

TSRG Energy offers all the engineering and contracting services you need for the development, design, installation, operation, and maintenance of renewable energy power plant projects at utility scale.

We install turnkey projects that will meet all your consumption around the clock without any external sources, with “0” carbon dioxide emissions and fully based on renewable energy sources.

We develop, design and install energy storage systems to store the energy generated from renewable energy power plants to meet your consumption around the clock.


TSRG Energy carry out feasibility, financing, design and engineering activities of power plants for energy generation and storage based on renewable energy sources.

We provide all engineering services you may need starting from the initiation stage to the commencement of electricity generation, and to the operation and maintenance stage at your discretion, for all renewable energy power plants generating clean power your own consumption or commercial purposes.


In TSRG ENERGY-0 concept, an in-house engineering design of TSRG Energy, we are re-designing the living spaces and energy use laying the foundations of a new and futuristic dimension on the smart homes.

We design and implement energy efficiency solutions in accordance with TSRG Energy standards by thoroughly analyzing the production processes in your industrial plant, factory, and/or offices. These solutions include several aspects of generation and conservation of energy such as using the waste from the manufacturing process of your industrial plant and using all types of renewable energy sources to design perpetual and highly efficient renewable energy power plants.


TSRG Energy undertake the supply of the materials, machinery, and equipment for your renewable energy plants and efficiency projects. Thanks to our strong network and business partnerships, we provide the solutions you need at the lowest cost.

TSRG Energy undertake the supply of the materials, machinery, and equipment for your renewable energy plants and efficiency projects. Thanks to our strong network and business partnerships, we provide the solutions you need at the lowest cost.

We procure and supply all spare parts, from both domestic and foreign manufacturers, that are required for operation and maintenance of your power plants with the benefits of our national spare parts supply system.


TSRG Energy provide construction and commissioning services for all types of renewable energy plants. We develop and install power plants to meet your energy consumption at any part of the country, in a very short time without compromising on the best engineering practices. We construct and operate individual or hybrid power generation and storage plants from all types of renewable energy sources.

We meet all residential, commercial and industrial consumptions with the TSRG Energy-0 which eliminates the dependence to the grid entirely.


TSRG Energy undertake all operation and maintenance works of renewable energy plants and conduct periodic maintenance, troubleshooting, design-performance analysis and report regularly to the owners.

You can monitor your power plant with our remote monitoring systems, which will enable you to directly control the production in your plant. TSRG Energy reduces your operation and maintenance costs with the spare part management system that is tailor-made for each plant.

We guarantee that your power plant will operate at the highest level of efficiency and availability.

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