As TSRG Energy, we imagine a world where everyone can produce the energy they need on their own and fully utilize all the renewable energy resources that the Earth provides. Our goal is to prevent hazardous impacts of fossil fuels that cause global warming and other environmental problems in the world. In line with this vision, we work with all our strength to eliminate the carbon dioxide emission of residential, commercial and industrial facilities and to preserve a habitable world for the next generations. For the same purpose, we develop, design and install renewable energy plants at the lowest cost and at the highest efficiency possible making it accessible for everyone.

We use our expertise and experience in the energy sector to protect the environment, prevent the adverse impacts of carbon emission, stop the global warming, fight climate change, and build clean energy plants accessible to everyone. We endeavor to protect the environment and to increase the public awareness of this issue. Therefore, we produce sustainable solutions to increase the use and efficiency of renewable energy resources in all areas of daily life, especially in workplaces and living spaces.